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Intensive Care

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بقلم ذ/ ميلود بنعقية | بتاريخ 27 أكتوبر, 2015
Down and out in Melilla and Beni-ensar, Benaissa finally decided to settle down in a frontier small coastal town called Beni-ensar. He sold his wife dower possession; gold earings, gold belt and some rings. He bought a nice site and set up a modern house with a door-yard.
-“What is the matter with you,Benaissa? Aren’t you O.K? “remarked his son in-law, Mustapha.
+”I am not so well! As you see blood sprouts and comes out with a great pain difficulty while I am making water in WC.
-“It might be a case of prostate!you must see a special doctor” declared Mustapha.
+”How do you know, Mustapha?”
-“When your hair becomes grey, doubtless, one may get it. By the way, may I help you to get rid of it-by an operation?”
+”Thanks son! look, I have worked for all my life in the custom house-thirty six years loading the second hands goods in different lorries and wagons but alas!
and shameless, neither I’ve got a pension nor a humble retirement!”
-“why haven’t you taken a legal action against the custom house? what about work inspectors?” asked Mustapha.
+”Well! the court declared openly that it has no right to judge due to non-judgement specialization and the work inspectors have nothing to do! not like European citizens!” compared Benaissa himself to off shore.
-“Do you really mean occupation is better than independence?” asked Mustapha.
+”What I mean there is no way to compare.I’ve been Istiklali militant…… a minute please! “execused Benaissa.
  He went to Wc in a strange pace after he had sat  in the doctor´s waiting room After a while he came out so pale and sick. His eyes were as yellow as a limon. His forehead was so shrunk that nobody could recognize him. The lower
jaw sticked firmly to the upper one as he has already lost his natural teeth-most of them due to smoking cigs but few in Boxing activities either in club or in street fights.
-“Your health isn´t well!it is serious and you are going to stay some days here in
Hospital because you´re loosing gouts of blood in the stomache,is it okay?” recommended
+”As you see sir! I am old and I can´t walk so well and I am often tired.” complained Benaissa.
-“Aren´t you shy of yourself! a man at your age of seventy six is still smoking!Mother me with whom am I talking!well, in brief! YOU have less than a quarter of a liter of blood circulating in your body and what is more so polluted!” shouted the doctor and pushed him out into the waiting room where were hundred patients waiting for their visits.
There in Hospital in room sex, Benaissa had spent the whole night without a blanket and without medicine, too.
-“Why am I here? what  a good treament Am I and others are receiving!” Benaissa thought and asked for succor: “I am shivering! It is so cold!
I can´t sleep!How could I ?”
 Suddenly a stout and tall woman stepped in the room sex and heard Benaissa´s claim and some patients inside the same room heard the claim, too. They immediatelly brought him a very nice new blanket. He felt now the wormth and life, too.
+”Has any nurse seen you, dad, yet?” asked Benaissa´s daughter-Kika after she had a cordial welcome by the staff.
-“No, perhaps they are coming in a minutes. It is early and just nine a.m” replied the father.
+”Nurses! Sons of a bitch! I am going to bring them at once” She said and went out to fetch them. Kika walked unnormally and quickly as if they had solen some fruits from her grove. There at the cornr of the hall, she surprisingly came across the surgeon doctorand asked him: “Please doctor,would you mind telling me who is responsible for the room sex?”
+”It is me! What is the matter? Could I help you?” said the surgeon.
-“No blanket! no medicine! No Syringe! no service!” complained Kika.
+”We don´t have!” answered the doctor.
-“I need four bottles of blood to dad”
+”well it depends!really there is a shortage of blood nowadays.what I mean is why don´t you bring some members of the family here to exchange the blood?” asked her politely.
-“Don´t tell me! why won´t you help me please-it is dad-please give me a hand” she pleaded him smiling
+”well as you see……………”
Kika interrupted him as she gave him a prescription and two hundred dirhams paper money. He snatched it quickly and put it in his shirt pocket but he left the doctor´s paper in his left hand.he looked around and sneaked as a viper to get kika some medicine from hospital store. Thereby,kika brother ate his nail vehemently. Kiko had no experience in such domain and shook his left leg up and down and from time to time he strenches his neck around. Thus, he went on and entered into intensive care room sex and saw his dad in silence facing death. Then went running searching for his sister Kika
*” Why do you come to this place? Don´t you know it is forbidden for public!”said Dr Hamid.
“I see, you are Dr Hamid,aren´t you?” ased kiko.
“that´s right!” answered Dr Hamid automatically while looking at Kika´s thigh and the blue money paper in her left hand.
“don´t you recognize me! I have studied with you in secondary school and please dad is so sick that I need help?” beseeched kiko.
“you welcome, how do you do?… concerning Blood ,you know it is a bit rare nowadays and Well  I…………” murmured Dr Hamid.
“Take this please!it is just as if we shared altogether coffee,isn´t it?” granted kika.
“well if you insist!” answered the doctor and put the paper money into the closest pocket of the smock and begged Kika to follow him to the next room whereas her brother stood out in the hall breaking the knuckles of his left and right hand.” follow me to invistigate and examine the group of the blood test. we have so much! We should have served it in month´s time. Otherwise, we throw it.
+” Why do you do this test?” asked Kika.
*”To see if the blood is compatible and fits the  patient Benaissa.” relied the Dr.
The doctor poured some chemical product like drops on Benaissa´s blood.
+”Dr I see as  rolls of smokes going up from Benaissa´s blood,don´t I ?” asked in an astonishing way.
-“yes, of course, because he has been smoking and it is polluted” answered the doctor.
“Is it because of pollution and smoking that I am seeing some ashes in the father´s blood fitter” asked kika.
*”that´s correct. yes it is.” Dr said.
He repeated the same procedure but this time on the offered blood. it is okay and healthy; there are no ashes and no smoke in it. the blood got like kiwi-pip but in red colour.
Kika took the four bottles of blood and ran fast back to save her dad from death after she had greeted the doctor Hamid for the flirting medical services.
As Benaissa had had the first bottle, he felt immediately so well and full of energy and power though he had still had a syringe in his vein dropping down the medicine. Benaissa begged his son-in-law:”Have I ever beseeeched you of anything in my life?
-“never! why?” asked his son-in-law
+”Do not turn it on my face, please! a promise?”
-“a promise”
+”I am sorry to say this but you know I have never been so humble as I am today, now!” pleaded Benaissa.
-“what is the matter with you? here I am at your service.”
+”Please, Would you mind bringing me a cig to smoke, just for a while. My chest is so strong and full of energy I am really very enthusiastic to get one cigarette. I can not bear being unpolluted,can I ?”
 He went deep in thought down stairs then running till he crossed the the front hall and bought three cigarettes from the hospital cafe -cig-shop. It is inside the peripheral of the hospital. The cafe was well built in a modern way. there had been almost all the specialists doctors. They were playing chess and few of them had  snacks. the rest would like to watch soccer matches on tv set.
-“Here are the cigs!”
+”thanks a lot, my dear!”
To all patients surprise, Benaissa stood firmly up by his hospital bed and embraced the medical instrument such as blood bootle and syringe and even the stick. He used the latter as a cruch.the needle is still in his vein and entered into the water closet and smoked half a cig, and came very tired and slept again on the bed.
-“you are exausted ,Benaissa! take care of yourself! “said one of the patient.
+”I have had only three deep puffs. It is not up to me.the vice obliged me to act this way. “He answered everybody openly in the room six.
no sooner than he finished his speech, Kika came in. Benaissa was laying on the bed very tired  and from time to time stretched himself. She found there a short woman zig-zagging behind her camping-gas and calling: “A Dirham to cook an egg and two for a nice tea” Benaissa desired that he would have had a nice, ment-tea with a cigarette but he felt shy in front of her daughter and patient, too.
+”I am well kika!”
-“Thanks God!” replied kika.
Then Kika went to the hospital cafe to get her father something to drink.She looked at the doctors as if they were waiters or better butchers.to her surprise, a colourfull image caught Kika´s attention on tv set of the cafe:”This is a new-hospital-helicopter used especially to social-services in time of emergencies. But the hospital doctors did not watch the new event at all and they kept on playing chess and chatting.
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