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By Miloud BENHAKIA | بتاريخ 23 نوفمبر, 2016



Once I was very ill and weak. my face was as pale as a rotten lemon. My brown eyes were smaller than they used to be. Boredom and misfortune glow from them. Dizziness and a slight headache never let me in peace.
My head is very heavy to bear on. Perhaps ,my neck muscles are no longer strong to carry its burden any more. who knows!
Being nearer to forties, my head starts to loose its grace.
My Doctor prescribed me an effective medicine to put an end to Rhinitis. Every early morning I am used to sneeze about hundred of times. It is a non-stop saliva that surrounds my button-spy-nose!
Flexonase is an English medical spray. I often spray it in my cowed-nostrils. It stretches my allergic nasal cavity and of course strengthen my immense -syndrome,and what is more it put an end to the allergen .or better a stop to the sound-cat- like coming up through my chest especially at night .The bizarre and strange sounds commonly thought to be demon sounds in the rural culture.
Every dark cloudy night I suffer from theses strange mewing sounds that stir up and curl every part of my chest .Some of my old literate friends told me that the case happens due to the inflammation of the lungs` small veins -It is allergy .
Whereas Some common people advised me to drink a seagull blood .Through this action,I can stop this malady and feel well.
It was in a windy afternoon when I went with my closest old friend Salah to the nearest seashore of Bocana in Beni-Ensar City .After we had put our scooters under the wooden trees nearby, we sat on a rock so that we would contemplate better in the sight of the huge spacious beach .
-‘No seagull over all these golden sandy dunes .what happens?’
+’It is strange !perhaps their disappearance are due to windy weather !’
-‘I have never seen this seashore without seagulls’

After a while we came nearer to the sea- water and the weather is very wet and cold .Salah -a forty four years -was still in a good shape ,threw his Casa cigarette far away on the seashore .To his surprise ,he saw a wet -seagull .I ran after it but I could not catch it because of my weight and weakness. I tried again and again but in vain .Whereas ,Salah finally managed to catch it .
-It is sick ,isn’t it?
+ may be
-Ay! It picks!
+harlot! Give it to me .
I opened the common black plastic parcel and I dived it inside it .then we went immediately to the scooters and back home again.


In the evening I arrived home very tired and I took the plastic parcel .I put the seagull in the basin as cold as frozen bar of ice .
wow !what is here ?exclaimed my wife.
+a seagull to eat.
-We Muslims do not eat seagull, you know!
+I dislike my life! I want to put an end to my fucking allergy !
-How can you manage this?
+To suck its blood from its neck and consequently bye-bye allergy!
-you are a professor ,aren’t you ?Do you believe in this shit?
+Why not? Life is meaningless. Let me try please !do not poke fun on me !I am fed up with this malady !
-well if you insist .please put it until tomorrow because ,as you see, it is very cold and may be sick .Put her in the big carton box. In this way it probably recovers.
+It is a good idea .
After Malika had thrown half a dozen sardines as a nutrition to the seagull in the carton box ,she put the seagull inside it .She took the wooden table upside down over the carton box.

At evening My friends and I used to sit in a National cafe where we have a wide spacious pavement and a panoramic beautiful sightseeing .Many strange Spanish people coming up to the
mentioned cafe to have a mint tea. Waiters are very tall and have a Germanic red complexion. The waiters are very polite especially with the strangers and Spanish tourists. Salah and others old friends are accustomed to chat there for a while .
-Have you eaten your prey?
+ not yet .
-Please cut the seagull neck with a sharp knife and then suck the blood fast .Otherwise ,you won’t suck anything. You know! It is weak, wet and thin!
Sarah’s advice stuck in my mind and his suggestions were logical because he had first captured it and seen it while he held it .However ,it came to me that process of sucking blood is of a Dracula’s act .It is really horrible ,scary and disgusting.
-It is a shame !complained my wife.
+Who knows!!My intention is not meat itself or ecstasy of the food
but Lady to CURE. Don’t you think I have got the right to cure? Be like others!
-Well it is up to you .Please do it in discrete. Don’t you?
+ okay.

Early in the morning Malika and I got up and had a shower. Then I went to the yellow-shabby carton box. The latter moved a bit aside under the up side -down table and I immediately put in my right hand in the carton box and it moved further again .To my surprise I heard a strong scream of a seagull and the box obviously shook right and then to the left.
+what is this? Is it really a poor -wet-seagull?
-wow !It is a tiger !what we have got here ?
+I do not know you see!

I surrounded my wife’s sleeping cloth around my right hand and the seagull picked twice the meat from my knuckle, and it hurt terribly my finger.
I took the seagull to the kitchen again and put it over the lavatory dish down the kitchen water tap .I did clean the seagull neck and tidy it perfectly well with my wife’s napkin .
+ Malike ,hold it well with me !
-Wait a minute! Well here is it’s head .
+Bend it a bit back please!
Then I cut fast its neck with a sharp new knife and bent down ,sucked the hot blood as deeply as possible .I drank a plenty of it so that I would benefit as much as I could. I did so as not to belch it back from my stomach and felt its disgusting taste.
+It is enough! Hold it!
I gave the corpus to my wife .Then I went to My water closet and I saw my face in the mirror and I did not believe it .I switched the light on so that I would see better .
+I am very red !my cheeks are as red as a Spanish apples.
-Yes! you are!.
I felt so guilty and as if I had had something stained in my throat. It was like a half handy-paint spread in Trachea part
of throat.
+I have painted my throat .I have no allergy now!
+Malika .Believe it or not !some blood gummed in my esophagus
-what are you talking about?
+It is like a painting over the left side of esophagus .
After a while I felt strong and vivid .A new hope rose in the horizon. I did really feel every part of me functioned perfectly very well.

+Baby! What have you prepared for dinner ?
+No! You can’t! You are kidding!
-Why? Look I have not done salt in it .So, it is delicious due to Onions ,tomatoes ,lemon and parsley.
I heard from down stairs a high voice calling up .It was my mother .She sat next to my father .They often exchange the second world war impact , France’s occupation in RIF and
Berber’s time memories.
+Malika ,What does Mum want?
-She thanks me for the dinner I have given her before.
+what do you mean?
-I have already given her a seagull dish .you know, my mother- in -law is not able to walk properly ,besides she is sick ,isn’t she?
+what a shame! A seagull to Mum!
-Why not! It is a fantastic white strong bird ,isn’t it? A Moroccan traditional medicine ,in a nutshell.
-Here is your part of it!
+Wow! It is delicious !what a skillful hand have you got !
-You see! My hand is almost as good as Bergash one .
I ate its leg and wings .I dipped the hot piece of bread in the sauce very well .it was delicious and very spicy .It was unexpected dinner!

AT night I was very hot but I slept alone because my wife had had terrible periods. As usual I would read a book or an old newspaper so that I could sleep easily and well. To my surprise that night ,while being in the bed, and looking the book’s page ,I felt a seagull sound screaming through my mouth’s cavity .
+what is this !!!!Is it a seagull!!No!… It isn’t. Perhaps ,I have had psychological impact ,or better it is my unconsciousness.
Early in the morning I had breakfast with the family and I did not to reveal it or speak further about it ,though the mother had appreciated the seagull dish.
At second night I also slept alone but the seagull’s cry -coming from my mouth while exhaling the air -is clearer than before .It screamed perfectly from my lungs .I tried to conceal it but I could not.
+Mum have I eaten a devil, or a seagull !wow! What is this!

I went to the window and opened it slightly ajar. I thought it would be either cloudy ,or windy; The sky was very pleasant and the stars were shining in the dark night with an immense silence. The moon is bright and beautiful. The beauty moon glowed in the big huge sky . It was a quiet night.
I tried to avoid listening to myself, but believe it or not-my breath was a seagull -cry. I analyzed the situation logically and with patience and concluded that it was an impact of unconsciousness.
However, I did not tell my wife everything that had happened.
I let the burden fall on me .Me. Alone!

On the third night I slept with my beloved. After I had had a love affair, I felt breathless and tired.
– “A seagull voice coming up from you”Said my wife while being with me in bed.
+Yes ,It is .I confessed.
-Oh this is bizarre !
+I would have told you, but … …..
I-Never heard of that! … Even in the TV horror films!
+You see! At first, I think it was the result of the conscience, which had been responsible for sound production of a seagull, or something like that!
-And you hide it from me! Please do not cover things!
+So to speak , I do not want to tell you the truth, but since you
hear it yourself (referring to his wife). It is a Seagull cry ! It is indeed itself! You heard her alive and directly, without my previous information, or anticipation.
–It is weird and strange! Listen carefully! How many times have I told you not to suck that shit! You are always killing me! Do you know who you are? A bull! You often go beyond the border!
+Sorry. I’m sorry. ‘Sorry”(in a seagull voice)
-SHUT-UP! Do not speak, please. what a shame!
+”It does not matter!”(With a cry of gulls)
-Quiet, please! Shut your mouth!
Malika was very scared. His heart was beating and beating. She was confused between what she heard and what to do.
-“You’re naive and stupid. You want to drive me crazy.
Sorry. You never listened! Now I am going to the living room to sleep side by side with my children.
At dawn, I tried to solve this problem easily. I went to
an old preacher. His house was full of visitors ,women and illiterate working class. They sat in a large room along side men and women, but most of them look at the ground.
-”What is the matter with you, sir? Said Fkih”.
+I eat a seagull and my body produces its screams at night
-You ate a devil, doubtless.1000dh to heal.
+I gave him five Dh .I needless his traditional medicines . I wish he had read a few Koranic verses.
During the fourth night he turned his Spanish blanket on his fat body and snored well. The roaring cry of the seagull and his snoring and gave him an innocent animal bull -like sight.

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